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photo of toddler and DA the Clown at July 4th celebration
FUN FOR ALL AGES: A toddler delights in the attention from DA the Clown at the Wausau Area Jaycees 4th of July Celebration in 2001.

article on DA the Clown from Marshfield News-Herald
    DA the Clown is making his fifth appearance at Marshfield's Dairyfest, bringing his timeless acts of balloon twisting and bubble blowing to entertain children of all ages. ...
    ... He strives to bring the parade to children and wants to play and interact with them.

-- article from Dairyfest supplement to the Marshfield News-Herald, May 30, 2001; page 9

Wausau Area Jaycees Fourth of July Celebration
July 1-4, 2000
Marathon Park, Wausau, Wisconsin

    Kids sat wide-eyed and open-mouthed Saturday as Da the Clown pulled colored handkerchiefs from his mouth on his stage at Marathon Park.
    Many turned to ask their parents how he did it, while bubbles from a bubble-making machine blew around their heads.
    ... It was early in the day when 7-year-old Jonathan Ford declared Da the Clown the highlight of the day.
    "He was funny," he said.

-- Wausau Daily Herald, July 2, 2000; page 1A; 3A

Wausau Daily Herald article

Thank-you letter from DeForest FFA Alumni committee:

The DeForest FFA Alumni committee deeply appreciates your contribution to the annual FFA Family Fun Night. Over 350 people were in attendance to enjoy good food and great entertainment. Due to your generous support we will be able to honor students with scholarships at our annual banquet. Thanks again for helping us with another successful Family Fun Night. We look forward to seeing you next year.

The DeForest FFA Alumni (2003)

photo and caption from Green Bay Press-Gazette
Photo and caption from the Green Bay Press-Gazette's coverage of the Kewaunee County Fair (August 2, 2002 page B-1).

photo of boy wearing balloon hat made by DA the Clown
A balloon hat made by DA the Clown.

photo of DA the Clown spinning a plate
DA the Clown provides
plate-spinning fun.

Mr. D makes balloon animals for kids at the Calumet County Fair in 2000
ABOVE: Mr. D (a Hobo clown) makes balloon animals for kids at the Calumet County Fair.
photo of balloon twisting at the Dunn County Fair in 2001
Balloon twisting with DA the Clown at the Dunn County Fair
Marquette-Adams Telephone's 50th Anniversary program with DA the Clown overlay
DA the Clown performed at the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative, Inc., in 2001.
photo of DA the Clown and kids dancing to 'YMCA'
ABOVE: DA the Clown dances to the song "YMCA" with help from the audience at the Gogebic County Fair in 2001.

RIGHT: Front-page coverage in The Daily Globe [Ironwood, Michigan], August 11, 2001.
photo from front page of The Daily Globe in Ironwood, Mich., August 11, 2001

Da the Clown poses with kids for a picture at the Ashland County Fair LEFT: To the amusement of the audience, Da the Clown joins them to pose for a picture at the Ashland County Fair in July 2000.

Da the Clown performs a magic trick at the Pierce County Fair
ABOVE: Da the Clown performs a magic trick at the Pierce County Fair in August 2000.

Close-up of kids watching Da the Clown perform
ABOVE: Close-up of kids watching Da the Clown perform.

Pierce County Herald Fair Edition article
    [DA the Clown] realizes life can be overwhelming for people and believes his mission is to make them smile and forget about their troubles for a time. ...
    "That is what a true clown is for," he said. "It is a medicine. I am a tranquilizer."

-- Pierce County Herald Fair Edition, July 26, 2000; pg 20

photo and caption from Milton Courier showing DA the Clown making balloon hats
The little girl at left watched in fascination as TD DA The Clown ... created inflated hats from balloons.

-- Milton Courier, July 31, 2003 page 1
Marshfield News-Herald page with photo of DA the Clown
Front page of the Marshfield News-Herald's Dairyfest section, complete with photo of DA the Clown tying balloons for kids (May 29, 2002 page C-1).

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